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Studio Rimini is based in the center of Biella and offers a wide range of services for you and your company.


Studio Rimini

Tax Law, Tax advice and tax litigation

Pre-disputes and disputes:
  • Pre-service and assistance for tax audits and accounting audits
  • Assistance in alternatives to litigation, such as tax settlement, conciliation courts and compliance to the ascertainment report
  • Legal actions against any tax assessment, which alerts investigations, settlement notices and customs investigations, before the Tax Commission and the Court of Cassation
  • Ascertainment reports, questionnaires, requests for clarification and/or documents, centralized reports
  • VAT assessments and direct taxes
  • Summary assessment from income measurement from field studies
  • Payment orders for automatic or formal monitoring
  • Adjustment notices and settlement for higher values from the sale of property for the purposes of registration, cadastral and mortgages
  • Investigation of local taxes (property tax, IMU, Tarsu, municipal advertising tax, etc.)

In litigation, prior written advice regarding the opportunity to dispute the tax claims, patronage regarding the Taxpayer and representation before the commission of Provincial and Regional taxation:

  • Presentation of claims
  • Drafting of appeals
  • Rebuttal arguments
  • Preparation of appeals
  • Cases of suspension of payment
  • Representation in court

  • Opinions, second opinions and fairness opinion
  • Tax revisions

Tax Planning:
  • Tax structuring
  • Tax analysis
  • Tax optimization

Corporate Law, Accounting and Taxation
  • Interpretative views on the application of rules
  • Tax planning for companies, businesses, associations, non-profit organizations, foundations and for private and self-employed
  • Specific tax assistance for direct, indirect and replacement taxation
  • Preparation of tax returns and their electronic forwarding
  • Ongoing tax and corporate information with provision of updates
  • Budget Analysis

Corporate consulting

International Law

For advices and personalized analysis.

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