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Studio Rimini is based in the center of Biella and offers a wide range of services for you and your company.


Studio Rimini


Finance and Management Control

Tax planning for businesses and individuals

Mergers and Acquisitions and Private Equity
  • Organization and execution of the due diligence and preparation of related reports and/or the executive summary
  • Structuring the transaction in terms of legal and corporate affairs, including the possible establishment of ad hoc/analysis/optimization fiscal corporate vehicle
  • Assistance in the drafting and negotiation of confidentiality agreements, letters of intent and memoranda of understanding
  • Negotiation, conclusion and execution of contracts for the acquisition or disposal, even under competitive bidding procedures
  • In the case of mergers or demergers, drafting and negotiation of the Framework Agreement, the merger or demerger plan, the necessary resolutions by the board of directors and of the shareholders of the merger or demerger, as well as the acts to be filed for the entry in the Commercial Register
  • In the case of use of leverage, negotiation of financing agreements and related guarantees (security package)
  • Support for the necessary authorizations by the Antitrust Authority and other authorities to control and, in the case of acquisition of the company, the necessary process of communication and consultation with trade unions
  • Assistance in the early stages of closing and post-closing, including the management of claims which the buyer could advance after closing

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