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Studio Rimini is based in the center of Biella and offers a wide range of services for you and your company.


Studio Rimini


Corporate consulting
  • Analysis prior to choosing the corporate form which is more suitable to the specific needs of the client
  • Assistance in the preparation of the Company's contracts both during start-up as in the ordinary course of business
  • Assistance in the implementation of corporate compliance and management of relations between the various corporate figures
  • Training and assistance in the preparation of financial statements, during the period and for liquidation
  • Planning and management of generational transitions
  • Preparing acts of sale of company shares
  • Contractual assistance for the disposal / acquisition of businesses and investments
  • Advice and assistance in extraordinary operations: restructuring, corporate reorganizations, liquidations, transfers, mergers, transformations, spin-offs, business rentals
  • Capital transactions (increases, decreases, etc.)
  • Mergers & acquisition assistance to clients during the different phases of a merger, sale and acquisition

Corporate and international consulting
  • Opening of VAT accounts in Italy; tax representation and direct identification
  • Assistance and management of all VAT practices (including tax refunds)
  • Assistance in the establishment of permanent organizations in Italy and management of related obligations
  • Tax and accounting consulting for the management of the local unit in Italy
  • Reporting service to the Parent Company
  • Assistance in the management of the transfer price and preparation of MasterLife

Consulting during company crisis
  • The Consulting Office's professionals in established partnerships with a number of leading legal offices have acquired specific expertise in the analysis and management of business crisis situations
  • The professionals have many years of experience in insolvency resulting from assignments received from the competent Courts as judicial commissioners, appointed liquidators and trustees in bankruptcy, on the one hand, providing assistance to resort to bankruptcy proceedings, and on the other attesters to such plans pursuant to Article. 161 L.F. and art. 67 L.F.
  • The reform of bankruptcy law offers several solutions for the renovation, rehabilitation and/or liquidation of enterprises in crisis, the firm can identify with the client the best alternative and then provide the necessary assistance for achieving the identified solution (recovery plan, restructuring agreement, the proposal for an arrangement with creditors, bankruptcy filing on their own). The Consulting Office's professionals meet the requirements for the issuance of certificates of feasibility provided by the Bankruptcy Act.

Expertise and technical consulting/ Valuation of companies and shareholdings
  • Evaluation of companies and business units, preparation and affirmation of appraisals for both statutory and fiscal purposes (contributions, revaluations, exchange)
  • Assumption of positions of Party-Appointed Experts (CTP) in the subject matter of the Consulting Office

Company constitutions and capital transactions

Financial audit at the request of the corporation's shareholders

Audit and Administration
  • The professionals of the Consulting Office have the legal requirements to perform the duties of the Statutory Auditor, Legal Advisor of the Accounts component of the Monitoring Committees (also of Public Interest Entities ex D.L. 39 art. 16)
  • Processing of the accounting and tax due diligence (Identification of risk areas, examination of its proper interpretation and application of the legislation)
  • Processing tax schedules, budgets, financial statements

15. Domiciliation of Italian and foreign companies at its registered office

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