Studio Rimini

Studio Rimini is based in the center of Biella and offers a wide range of services for you and your company.


Studio Rimini

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Studio Rimini is located in the center of Biella, where it operates since 1955, with a established reputation and extensive experience in tax consulting, accounting and corporate.

The firm offers a wide range of services including tax compliance, tax planning, consulting contracts, assistance in extraordinary operations and in particular in crisis management of enterprise and service for the use of bankruptcy proceedings.

The firm, established in partnership with several leading consulting legal, notary and work, is an agile and qualified team that guarantees each customer, as well as a custom report, a proper attention to the specific needs consulting.

The firm is structured in & quot; areas of intervention & quot; providing services to date and qualified to a variety of subjects, from small businesses up to corporate groups, identifying specific customer needs and providing tailored solutions and high competence. The Firm's professionals pursuing vocational constantly updated as the basis of quality of service for each customer.

Our services are attributable to: corporate, business, tax and legal thanks to the network to which the Firm is permanently connected in Northern Italy.

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